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Fringe worthy read: Thunderpaws & The Tower Of London, Ben Housden

I am very excited to tell you all about this read.

Detangling the plot:

Teufel, a young and very large, black cat, longs to be famous, like his mythical and completely absent father – the legendary marauder of the South Hams: Gaius, who met his mother one weekend down at the Winking Prawn. Instead he’s known as Thunderpaws because he’s never caught a bird and now on the sudden death of his mother, is destined for the mysterious, top secret job, of church cat.

However, his owner gets appointed Chaplain to the Tower of London, and Teufel is determined to use this fresh start to shake off the nickname and destiny. But, Teufel finds a Tower full of out-of-control ghosts, and he’s pretty sure as a church cat, he’s now ghost police. The ghosts offer Teufel a way to be famous beyond his wildest dreams and lose his nickname, but when he discovers the Chap might die as a result, he has to find a way to thwart the ghosts’ schemes and save his ‘family’.

Bobs and Books honest review:

This is a truly delightful read. If you love cats, or history, or both, this is the book for you. Its badged as for ages 9-90 and I'd completely agree. Its fun, experimental and glorious. The words travel in the direction of the words as you read them which adds to the fun. The story navigates itself so brilliantly to keep you engaged along the way. I liked spotting some familiar characters too.

This book is beautifully illustrated which really enhances the readers experience. Packed with action, dramatic tension, and one not-so scaredy cat, this has it all.

Grab a copy while you can. The ONLY place you can get it, is following this link: THUNDERPAWS & THE TOWER OF LONDON: print, ebook & audio by Ben Housden — Kickstarter

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