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Fringe worthy reads: Happy Paperback day to RN Morris, Summon up the Blood

Firstly, I make no apology for my hair related pun in my title, expect to see more of these in the future. Secondly, a massive thank you to Roger for sending me a copy of this book, I am one very grateful reader.

London. 1914.

exsanguination [ eks-sang-gwuh-ney-shuhn ] noun

the act or process of draining or losing blood the act or process of bleeding to death

Detangling the plot: A killer is at liberty in the dark alleys of the city. His victims have one thing in common: all the blood has been drained from their bodies. Who could do such a thing- and why would they want the victims' blood?

As the killer's reign of terror continues, Detective Inspector Silas Quinn of Scotland

Yard's Special Crimes department, realizes that, in order to catch his prey, he must think like the killer.

His search will take him through London's squalid backstreets, seedy Soho haunts and louche aristocratic watering holes, all in pursuit of a truly twisted individual.

I'm just dye-ing to tell you what i think:

This book takes you right back to the heart of the true crime detective roaming the streets to catch his killer. Gritty, raw, dark. I particularly like the fact that 1914 is chosen as the year its set as too many go for the cliché Victorian Jack the Ripper era but this also doesn't touch on wartime.

Tackles the difficult subject of homosexuality, its perceptions, homophobia, and how male prostitutes were treated at that time. Delicately and accurately handled.

The pace of this book is spot on. Writing and plot are sharp and kept me wanting to read on and on whilst not wanting to rush and miss any potential clues. I was eager to discover where Inspector Quinn was headed next.

Characters in this are complicated, enigmatic, challenging and yet so engaging whether you love or hate them.

This is not for the faint hearted. Its graphic, gory and doesn't protect the reader from how the victim looks. If that isn't for you, then I expect for most this is an opportunity to learn a new word- exsanguination. I'll be honest, I hope its a word you didn't know, and that we don't have to use it in the future (unless talking about this excellent read.)


I am guilty of loving this book. Its atmospheric, moody, intriguing and not your stereotypical detective.

Out now in paperback in all good bookshops.

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